Dua for job transfer

Dua for job transfer: In our life during a working stage we do get job transfers to some other city. Such kind of things we cannot stop. Job transfer into the new city is unexpected thing. A person do not know how would be the environment and that place will be. For a family person it is really very difficult to live away from family. Still there are many those who prefer to get transfer to the nearest place to their home. But all these things are not in our hands. A company will do everything according to their policies. For a job transfer there are so many reasons. If your company is also shifting to other city then you can stop your transfer. Dua for job transfer helps you to prevent transfer.

Dua for job transfer

You can prevent your transfer with dua for job transfer. This dua must have to be perform with proper precautions. Perform this dua bare headed. A person must have to recite this dua regularly. Always consult the Islamic astrologer before performing the dua. Never use any of the dua with bad intentions. Dua is the prayer that a person made to the Allah. Allah Pak always listens to its children. It will stop the situation of transfer. Sometimes a person needs job transfer to the desired place. In that case also dua helps them. If you company is transferring you to very far place. Then you perform the dua. It will help you to get transfer to nearest place to your home.

Dua for job promotion helps you to get job transfer to the desired place. It should be perform with good intentions. You can also perform the dua to get job transfer with promotion. It is such a exciting moment when a person get promotion and transfer to their desired place. Perform the dua for job transfer for 40 days. There should not any kind of the mistake while performing that dua. There are many people those who are happy with Islamic astrology. The Dua should be perform with good intentions. So bring happiness on your face with dua.

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